Backgroud/History of the school

In 1974 when the school started it was known as Wolwefontein Middle School, a name which absolutely has no kin to real wolves roaming around the country sites, if ever there were any.  The school started off with grades 7-9 and a staff compliment of 20 teachers. The building project were still in progress at the time and the school were hosted at the Scottsdene Primary School.

In September 1976 after the June uprising in schools across the country, the school moved into the new buildings with Mr Schroeder as the founder principal who reigns till December 1978.

Mr DG. Gabriels took over as the principal till December 1988.

Mr L C Hanekom managed till 1996 when he resigns.

Mr AP Fortuin managed the school for two years till 1998.

Mr Cupido then took over and is the current principal of the school.

When a school attains a lot of milestones/achievements over the years, one can conclude that lots of hard work, love for the teaching profession and nurturing went into it.  The fruit of success are invested in a lot of successful learners over the years that excel in all spheres of life.

Although the school went through an academic dip, the untiring efforts of the staff, their dedication and unchanging tenacity with which they took up any challenge are the landmark of Scottsdene High School.